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What does it mean to be apart of atars?

Learning the ins and outs of conservative politics and building a lifelong network in the political landscape of Arkansas.

Experts Panel

Policy Work

We work on legislation when the legislature is in session. We base our advocacy decisions on resolutions that were passed at convention, and use our network of members to push for policy that young conservatives in Arkansas want to see.

Go Vote Flyers

Campaign Work

ATARS members campaign for local conservative offices, engaging in grassroots efforts, canvassing, and organizing events. This hands-on experience hones skills and contributes to conservative causes in their community. It provides valuable insights and networking opportunities for future involvement in conservative politics.


Forge Relationships

ATARS members form lasting friendships through their shared passion for conservatism. By connecting with like-minded individuals, engaging in activities like campaigning and attending events, these friendships provide lifelong support and camaraderie.

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